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Free man or woman’s job

When one likes relationship and likes moving, how to earn money honestly, with an attractive pay, with no necessarily many diplomas, making oneself cleverly useful both to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), associations, parishes, movements etc. in one’s own region who need public relations, and to a small business in a developing country which creates jobs and respects rules and people?

Fiable.biz is looking for commercial agents to find us clients in English, French and Mongolian speaking countries.
Being a commercial agent consists in making 2 entities getting in touch: a company with a need, and a company having the corresponding know-how.
Working at Fiable.biz’s, it’s cumulating the advantages of an intercontinental atmosphere and of a small business where relationships are personal.

Developed countries city dwellers being much more canvassed than countryfolk, we would suggest that, in such a country, the agent take an interest in organisations located in the countryside.

If the client likes it, the commercial agent will note the client’s text or text ideas, and will take the photos the client wants at his work place, and then will send the all thing to Fiable.biz by Internet. The agent will proofread the site created by Fiable.biz for the client and correct language mistakes. The agent will follow up orders and will provide feedback from clients’ wishes and grievances.

A commercial agent is not an employee of the company, (s)he is a freelancer who is paid by a percentage of the sales he realises, once the service has been paid. His expenses are not taken care of by the company he represents. Freelancer, the commercial agent is free to work when he wants and free to choose his means as far as these keep honest, loyal and legal: family and friends networks, telephone, travelling, advertisement on the web, in the radio, in a paper etc...
To my mind, as far as the number of clients found is less than 2 per month, it’s not necessary to get officially registered as commercial agent (but it’s usually necessary to declare yearly one’s income). If one exceeds this number, or spends an important part of his time looking for clients, it becomes an occupation, and in some countries it’s then compulsory to get officially registered as a commercial agent.

A legal entity can also be a commercial agent. Your activity of commercial agent can be presented as a service supplementing the services you already offer. If you have commercial premises (shop, internet centre etc.), you can content yourself with coming clients, without making door-to-door selling nor additional advertisement.


The required skills and competence are:

You’re honest, your skills are right for the job and you’re interested by this job? Send us a CV. You know someone honest meeting the criteria? Talk to him/her about it.


Rough payment: 40 % of the incomes generated by the agent and actually received by Fiable.biz during one year, then 20 % of the possible incomes from the same clients during the length of possible subsequent contracts as commercial agent.

If you want the job…

Documents to be sent by internet

Send us a C.V. and a covering letter. If you’re a student or have just graduated, send also your marks of the present and the previous academic year and, if you were given it, the diploma supplement (document including marks and obligatorily added to diplomas in the European Union). The best is to send files in OpenOffice.org format. OpenOffice.org is a software suit you can download for free from OpenOffice.org. We can also accept simple text files, R.T.F., HTML or XHTML as well as ordinary mails, but we won’t accept files in Microsoft Word format.

In your CV don’t forget to mention your family name, sex, birth year, personal address, home and cell phone numbers, mother tongue, foreign languages, computer knowledge, typing skill. If you’ve worked, add to your CV a reference for each place you’ve recently worked in. Don’t forget with your C.V..

In your covering letter, explain briefly why you’d like to work as a commercial agent of Fiable.biz. If you’ve left a job, explain briefly the reason too.

Receiving a representative of Fiable.biz at home

After we’ll have received your CV, if we have the possibility, we’ll go to your home or will send someone and will test your English and computer knowledge. As mentioned above, it’s not essential that your computer knowledge be very high, but it’d obviously be an appreciated plus.

Signing a contract

If by chance it’s possible to you, don’t hesitate to come in Mongolia to our company headquarters. If not, we’ll sign a first contract from afar. And we’ll be happy to work with you.