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Web plan

Before placing an order for a web site to Fiable.biz, it’s advisable to wonder about your needs and your means. This page is here to help you.


What needs?

Many sites are possible, from the 2 pages site the pastrycook made himself and which is much less successful than his cakes, to the flashy web site of your senior high school nephew who wants to show all the techniques he’s (a bit) able to use, to a portal like the most famous on the planet. There are also the online sales professional site of a small bookshops network, which has nothing special but fulfil its function, or many associations web sites which would be very interesting if they were updated instead of giving you 3 years old… news. All these sites, and many others, don’t have the same function, nor the same cost.

The two main questions to ask oneself in public relations matters are: What to say? to whom? Trying to say everything to everybody is the garantee of a disaster, because everyone is not interested in everything. If you have things to say to about 90 years old people, or to Amazonian forest hunters, writing a web site in English may not be very suitable. Writing pages full of animations (moving pictures) of all colours for professionals looking in a hurry for a precise piece of information is not ideal either. Having said this, the web enables to say many things to many people.
The traditional advertisement means of television, newspapers, billboards etc. are all mono-directional: an organization delivers a message to a passive audience. The web allows much more. It allows an interactivity, like answering to the visitor’s questions, taking his order, or receiving his payment. So the double question What to say to whom? keeps valid but broadens into: What interactions to have? with whom?

This double question comes in several sub-questions, notably:

What means?

[As an archer preparing her bow]

If you’ve answered all the above questions without taking costs into account, it’s possible you arrived at the conclusion that you need a very big clever site you’ll never be able to pay nor able to do yourself, nor able to keep updated. In this case, you’ll need to be realistic and keep the most important. For a small web site, on the other hand, direct costs are usually low, specially at Fiable.biz’. But hidden costs in terms of works can be high, specially if non-specialists want to do too much themselves in order to save bits of money. The means question also comes in a variety of forms:

  • How much is our annual budget for this web site?
  • What will we do ourselves, what will we have done by Fiable.biz?
  • Who, among us, will be in charge of the web site and correspondent of Fiable.biz?
  • Who will type the text? Fiable.biz or one of us? (Who?)
  • Who will take the photos? If it’s needed to buy photos, will we ask Fiable.biz to provide us with them, or will one of us (Who?) look for photos and pay their royalties?
  • Who, technically, will enter information in the web site: Fiable.biz, or the person of us in charge of the web site, or several people each in charge of a part of the site?
  • How will information from the different components of our organization reach the person (or people) in charge of the site? Will each component be in charge of the information regarding itself, or will the person (or people) in charge of the web site have to ask for information? What will be the internal communications means? (E-mail, post-it, regular meeting etc.)
  • If drawings are needed, will we make them ourselves or will we have them drawn by Fiable.biz?
  • Etc.

What decision?

From your needs and means, you can see if a turnkey solution (cheaper) can satisfy you, or if you want a site made to measure. The first one is the equivalent of ready-to-wear clothes, the second one, of the tailor’s. In between, the ready-to-wear cloth on which the shop makes for you the needed little alterations exists also at Fiable.biz’. Fiable.biz can help you in your choice. An advice: it’s better to begin by a small web site and make it grow according to your needs, even if it means overhauling it in a few years, rather than embarking straight-away on a big project you might not carry through to a successful conclusion or that you might not be able to keep updated.

These several things considered, it’s time to act by signing a contract with Fiable.biz for the greater good of your organization and of your activities.