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Fiable.biz Tailor-made site

The two packages with template to your choosing (turnkey site and empty site) meet most needs. The tailor-made package, that Fiable.biz is happy and proud to present you here, meets very special needs, or enables to make a one site devoted both to desktops and to handhelds. The packages with template to your choosing use a content management system (CMS) which allow on the one hand to separate the role of site redactor from the technical role, on the other hand to simplify some tasks, notably in updating automatically the menus and links between versions in various languages of a one page. But our content management system has its own limitations. Notably it doesn’t enable, so far, to adapt automatically the content to the connecting device in order to provide to a handheld pictures smaller than to a desktop, which Fiable.biz can do on a tailor-made basis, with no content management system.

Unlike a site on template to choose, it’s not possible to modify a tailor-made site without knowing a bit of computer science. The more you know computer science, the more things you can modify on your site, provided you have chosen the site access for modifications option. For a static site, the languages used are XHTML and CSS. But don’t worry: even without knowing anything, you can still have your site modified by Fiable.biz.

Creating and hosting a tailor-made site

Domain name
20 units/year
One page
10 units/year. If a one content exists in several languages (see multilingualism below), or in two or several versions according to the connecting device (see content adaptation below), as many different pages are necessary.
Static menu identical on all pages

Graphic services

These services are the same than the one for the other packages, at the same prices.

Optional functions

These functions are equivalent to the modules of the other sites.

Access to the site for modifications
20 units/year.
Pull-down menu identical on all pages
20 units/year. This is a menu with a pull-down sub-menu.
Adaptive menu
30 units/year. This is a menu where the title of the present page is omitted or shadowed.
40 units/year. Enable your site visitors to write a public comment.
20 units/year. Allows your visitors to contact you without your having to provide them for your e-mail address.
30 units/year. Anti-spam measure enabling to check that the visitor who wants to leave a comment or to send an e-mail is a human being and not a robot, by making him copy a few distorted characters.
20 units/years. Manage several languages on your site, notably the possibility to serve, at one address, one content in the language of the visitor’s browser (so that an English speaking visitor see a page in English while, at the same address, a French speaking visitor see the same content in French), to have a menu in different languages, and a link (usually in small flags form) between the various versions of a same content. The translations are extra services.
Content adaptation
60 units/year. Similar to multilingualism, manage several versions of one content, according to the connection device, notably the possibility to serve, at the same address, a lighter content for handhelds (so that a visitor with a handheld receive automatically files lighters than a desktop, pictures of adapted size, lists rather than tables), and a link between the different versions of the same content. This presupposes that at least two pages exist for each concerned content: one page for desktops, and one page for handhelds.
20 units/year.
20 units/year. Counts the visitors.
20 units/year. Google search inside the site, by keyword. Finds all the pages of your site indexed by Google.
Users simple registration
30 units/year. Enables for instance to collect their e-mail address or to give the right to leave a comment only to registered users.
Database management
40 units/table/year. This enables to have a catalogue that can be accessed by different criteria, for instance a yearbook.
50 units/year. Doesn’t include a payment module but includes two tables: a table of products and a table of clients.
50 units/year in Mongolia. Elsewhere, ask Fiable.biz for a quotation, which will depend on your bank requirements.

Textual services

These services are the same than for the turnkey and empty sites, at the same prices.

Site transfer

If you already have a web site, even free, at another service provider and want to transfer it to Fiable.biz, then, the 1st year, the equivalent at Fiable.biz’ of your former site is free, except for the functions of your old site. You pay for the possible adjuncts as well as for possible graphic and textual services. In order to get this advantage, it’s enough to send us by e-mail your present web site address (URI) and the bill(s) of your present hosting provider for the present period, marked paid (If the hosting is free, send us copy of the contract instead.) Your site will undergo a few modifications. It is possible some functions not be available at Fiable.biz, in which case we would inform you before signing the contract, of course.

For example, if you already have a 9 page web site enabling visitors comments, have a domain name, want to transfer the whole thing to Fiable.biz while adding two pages, a visitors counter, having added a new graphic design by Fiable.biz, and doubling the eleven pages to make them a version adapted to handhelds, then the transfer of your site is not billed by Fiable.biz, during one year the hosting of your 9 first pages is free, during one year you pay nothing more for your domain name, and you pay during the 1st year the 2+11=13 pages you have added (that is to say 130 units for one year), the installation and the use during one year of the comments function (that is to say 40 units), of the visitors counting function (20 units), of the content adaptation function (60 units), the new design creation (120 units) and the translation (let’s say 3 000 characters × 0,02 units/character = 60 units), that is to say in total 410 units.

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