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Update and transfer

Fiable.biz is happy to present you the prices of its website transfer, revision, freshening and update services. These services assume you have paid or you pay one of the websites packages.

Transfer of your site to Fiable.biz

If you already have a website, even free, at another service provider and transfer it to Fiable.biz, then, the 1st year, the equivalent at Fiable.biz' of you former site is free, including the equivalent of the functions of your old site, and you only pay the possible additions as well as the possible graphic and textual services. In order to enjoy this offer, it's enough to send us by e-mail the bill(s) of your present hosting provider for the current period, with paid written on it. Unless it already be a site founded on the last version of Drupal, your site will undergo some modifications. It's possible that some functions not be available at Fiable.biz's, in which case we shall inform you before signing the contract, of course.

For example, if you already have a 9 page website enabling visitors comments and a domain name, want to transfer all this to Fiable.biz while adding two pages and a visitor counter, having a new web design made by Fiable.biz and having translated 3 000 characters from English into French by Fiable.biz, then your site transfer is not charged by Fiable.biz, during one year the hosting of your 9 first pages is free, during one year you won't pay anything more for your domain name, the installation and one year usage of the comments module is free; so you will pay only the 1st year your 10th and 11th pages (that is to say 20 units for one year), the visitors counter module (20 units), the creation of the new web design (120 units) and the translation (3 000 × 0,02 units = 60 units), that is to say in total 220 units.

Additional revision, freshening and update

Fiable.biz bills the web sites per year and after a year, and every year, you can have, at your choice, a revision or a freshening made at no additional cost. Furthermore, the updates you do yourself by internet, as often as you want, are free. So the prices below concern only the extra revisions, freshenings and updates you want Fiable.biz to do.

extra revision
40 units. Creation of a new graphic design, taking picture, typing text and other services are not included.
extra freshening
20 units. Taking picture, typing text and other services are not included.
Additional update by Fiable.biz
2 units/page. The additional services (text typing, translating, taking photos…), are not included in this price.