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Website fees

Fiable.biz is happy to present you the fees of our graphic services. These rates apply only if you have paid one of the web options. If you want one of the below services without any website, ask Fiable.biz a quote.

Graphic design
Creation of the graphic design: 150 units. But if you have opted for a turnkey site or an empty site, you can have its colours, fonts, elements position and possible photo changed by Fiable.biz with no graphic design expense. If the graphic design of the theme you’ve chosen doesn’t satisfy you, Fiable.biz can also realise a graphic creation for your site theme, modifying photos and drawing. This service includes the creation of the page background, possible page margins, possible buttons and picture frames. Once a picture frame is created, except if it consists only of one or two rectangle border lines, framing pictures one by one is another service (see below simple modification of photo), as well as the creation of the possible banner (along the top part of the web page) in case it is a separate graphic entity (see below contracted drawing and modification of photo). If the said banner only consists of writing beautifully the site name and of placing it with your logo on the page background, then this service is included in the graphic design creation. You get a non-exclusive right to that graphic design: it is possible other companies will use this as well.
Exclusive graphic design
240 units. Service as above, but you get the exclusive intellectual property rights of the graphic design. As for the technical part of the theme, it is and will be used by others.
Creat a new logo
50 units.
Just draw the logo you have
30 units.
Creat a new banner
50 units.
Taking photos
1 unit/photo. Clients are only billed for the photos effectively used. So far it’s only possible to take photos in Mongolia, but Fiable.biz can choose stock photographies for you and pay royalties on your behalf.
Search, selection and right of use of a picture in an image bank
5 units/picture. The client will only be billed for the pictures actually used and you get a non-exclusive right of use for these photos: meaning, others can use the same pictures. This doesn’t include the fees of the technical service of publishing the picture on the website.
Publishing an extra photo (for a turn-key or a tailor-made site)
2 units/picture/year. Remember that, for a turn-key site or a tailor-made site, no extra fees would be charged up to an average of 5 photos/page. For an empty site, you’re billed by the giga-byte, not by the number of photos.
Contracted drawing
It consists of creating a so-called vector drawing, i.e. which could be enlarged with no quality loss. The result is provided for in SVG format form. The more complex is the drawing, the bigger the file. Fees: we don’t charge less than 5 units for the first 250 kilo-bytes in SVG format. Then 1 unit per 50 extra kilo-bytes (that is to say 0.02 unit/kb, rounded up to the nearest unit). If one converts such a file into a so-called raster format (photo file) one usually gets a much bigger file. A 1 000 kilo-byte drawing in SVG format is already relatively sophisticated. The SVG file of an icon such as the ones at the bottom of this site is usually less than 100 kilo-bytes. It’s possible to stack such a drawing on a photo. The rate here mentioned is the one of a non-exclusive right of use: the drawing may possibly be also published by others.
Exclusive contracted drawing
10 units for the first 250 kilo-bytes in SVG format, then 1 unit per 25 extra kilo-bytes (that is to say 0.04 unit/kb, rounded up to the nearest unit). See explanation above. You get the exclusive economic intellectual ownership of the drawing.
Simpe modification of photo
It’s question of adding a frame, lightening or darkening the photo, modifying the contrast or the colours balance, of deleting the red eyes or of cutting a photo too. This service is included for photos included in the turnkey and taylor-made packages (5 per page). Beyond this: 2 units/photo.
Modification of photo
These are all modifications not mentionned above, for example merging several photos, modifying some elements colour, deleting a defect or an element etc..
  • only one photo: 10 units
  • merging several photos: 10 units/basic photo
Picture rotation
Presentation of pictures on turn, with changing every few secondes, and fade in-fade out if desired. The scrolling speed is configurable.
Installing a movie or a cartoon, in the WebM format: 20 units per minute of movie and per year of online availability. This rate doesn’t include the creation of the movie or cartoon, that you’ll provide for. We are able to convert to WebM format most of common video files, at no extra fee for you.