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Fiable.biz Function services

Functions are presented in form of modules added to the site and billed yearly. Except if otherwise stated, each module is billed 20 units/year.

Among the modules which may interest you:

enabling your site visitors to write a public comment.
enabling the visitors to contact you without you having to provide for you e-mail address.
anti-spam measure enabling to check that the visitor who wants to leave a comment or send a mail is a person and not a machine, by making him copy a few distorted characters.
managing several languages on your site, notably the possibility to have a menu in different languages.
enabling to write articles sorted in reverse chronological order,
of visitors.
by keyword, inside the site.
Simple recording of users
enabling for example to collect their e-mail addresses, or to give only to registered users the right to leave a comment.
Database management
40 units/table/year. This enables to have a catalogue searchable by various criteria, for instance a yearbook.
80 units/year. Does not include any payment module but does include two database tables: a table of products and a table of clients.
80 units/year in Mongolia. Elsewhere, ask Fiable.biz a quotation, which will depend on your bank’s requirements.
SSL and HTTPS system for secret
200 units/year.