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Additional services

These rates apply only if you have paid one of the web options.

Typing service Making a table Taking a photo Put a supplementary photo (one year)
0,02€/character €0,50 €1 €3

Taking photography is presently only possible in Mongolia, but we can choose photos from stock photographies and buy for you their royalties.

Search system module Comment module (for readers) Contact module Counter
€20 €20 €20 €20

Additional update

Service Price per page, exclusive of VAT Conditions Advantages
Budget update €30 You key the text in then send it by e-mail as well as your photos. All communication with Fiable.biz is done by e-mail in English or Mongolian exclusively. Payment with order by bank transfert. Your page is in the languages you want.
Ordinary update €60 The documents to be published which you didn’t key in are in English, Spanish, French, Latin, Malagasy or/and Mongolian according to your preferences. You deal with the possible translations. All communication with Fiable.biz is in English, French or/and Mongolian according to your preferences. Fiable.biz can key your text in and scan your photos. The documents to be published you key in yourself are in the languages you want. No deposit to pay. Payment by bank transfer within the 2 weeks following the page opening.

Human translation

These rates don't apply to technical or literary documents. All characters, in the computer sens of the word, are taken into account, including spaces, newlines etc.. Payment with order. Minimum per bill: €5.

Original language Destination language Price per character in the original language, exclusive of VAT Advantages
French English €0.04 Translation by a professional.
English French €0.01 Translation by a native Frenchman, former teacher of French as a foreign language.
French Mongolian €0.01
English Translation by a native Mongolian.
Other pair of languages Ask us

For a religious document, the rates above apply. For a legal, mathematical, computer or linguistic document, multiply the above rates by 2. For a document coming within the province of another specialism or for another pair of languages, ask us.

Considering the economical instability, our rates may vary without previous notice.