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Solongo is saved!



Solongo is now at home in Orhon province (Mongolia). Although she is much better now, she’s still not in good health. Korean physicians performed a new CT of the brain in March 2010 and said the hydrocephalus was nearly resorbed and Solongo would become a normal child. They also performed a CT of the kidneys and said one kidney was normal, the other one with hydronephrosis but nothing can be done for the moment as the Chinese doctors said nothing is possible for the brain and the kidneys within 6 months after the open-heart surgery, i.e. up to July 2010. Solongo still has a pneumonic infiltration. And she has a mycosis on the tongue. The doctors of the provincial hospital said the mycosis is also present in the veins’ wall. At least, it’s what the mother understood.


twice pierced heart

Solongo (a name meaning Rainbow) is a one year old girl born with heart defects: a big interventricular septal defect, a small interatrial septal defect and maybe a patent ductus arteriosus. Because of that, her heart couldn’t irrigate enough her body (heart failure), one of her kidneys health is bad: hydronephrosis, her muscles were very thin (severe dystrophy). She has had a pneumonic infiltration. She used to have a pulmonary oedema because of heart failure, and a pneumonia. Moreover, according to Chinese physicians, she has 3 kidneys instead of 2 (which would not be a problem if they were healthy). She used to have brain pressure due to too much liquid (hydrocephalus) and a retardation in motor development. Beijing children’s hospital diagnosed a serious brain problem: brain dysplasia.

The heart surgery was not possible in Mongolia. Moreover it’s very expansive for Mongolians.

Three Canadian hospitals refused Solongo because she is not Canadian. The hospital of Hôhhot (capital of Inner Mongolia, autonomous region of the Popular republic of China) had refused Solongo because it’s too risky and, if Solongo had died, it’d have been bad for their reputation. Beijing Children’s hospital first recommended not to perform a heart surgery because of the brain and kidney problems. The university hospital of Tours (France) didn’t answer to our mail. Novosibirsk heart centre (Russia, Siberia) never gave us any estimate.

Eventually the open-heart surgery was performed by Pr. William Novick of the International children’s heart foundation, in Beijing children’s hospital, in collaboration with Chinese doctors, in January 2010. Solongo’s fathers have taken in charge the treatments and the many tests performed in Mongolia. We cannot mention here all the people who helped Solongo: they are too many, some are anonymous, some broke Chinese regulations to help her and wouldn’t like their name to appear here. The surgery was sponsored by the donors of International children’s heart foundation, who take in charge Pr. Novick’s expenses (on average 1 200 USD per baby, they write). Solongo’s mother, who had to go twice to Beijing with her daughter, was accommodated there successively in a small hotel and, for free, by foreign and Chinese Catholics who also fed her. Beijing children’s hospital’s fees, the plane tickets and extra fees (local transportation, a part of the accommodation and food in Beijing) were taken in charge personaly by two members of Fiable.biz’ staff, by 2 Catholic relatives and one Catholic friend of Fiable.biz’ director as well as by Solongo’s family. The said friend is a priest of Paris Foreign Missions Society. The logistic, specially this frequently updated and effective web site designed to provide the hospitals as quickly as possible with the Mongolian medical documents, and to give news to donors and potential donors, was operated free of charge by Fiable.biz.

Founding an association

Although there are open-heart operations in Mongolia, they can’t be performed on so young babies so far because of lack of material and of surgeons’ limited experience. Fiable.biz, Solongo’s mother and several children parents want to found an association to help Mongolia acceding this ability. If you have ideas or wishes, if you want to join, contact us.

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