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About Fiable.biz
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Fiable.biz’ vision

In a changing world, where information abounds and communication has become crucial, Fiable.biz wants to give to each organisation the means to reach the target audience thanks to a web site like it and respecting its budget capacities. By calling upon skills and talents from the back of beyond, Fiable.biz enables several families of the third world to live on their work in the provinces, Mongolia to develop, and Western small or medium-sized businesses, associations, parishes, movements to express themselves freely for a reasonable fare. Small business at the service of small businesses and other small organisations, Fiable.biz works in this way towards its employees as well as its clients be able to live in their county thanks to internet magic, without the former being forced to move to the capital city or to emigrate to a wealthy country to find a job fitting their competence, or the latter having to move to big towns to find your clientele. Countries are more harmonious if their provinces are lively.

Fiable.biz’ values

Fiable.biz makes it a point of honour to do a reliable service, as our name says it, for a competitive rate. Fiable is a French word meaning reliable. It has the same origin as to confide, confidence, confident, confidential, affidavit, fiduciary, faith, faithful, faithfully, fiancé, fidelity etc.: the latin verb fido, meaning to rely on, to confide, and other latin words of the same family. biz is a phonetic abbreviation for the word business.

Fiable.biz follows social hiring policies, i.e. we always choose to hire the competent and reliable person who most needs a job. One of our employees, recruited in 2014, recently got running water and central heating service. Another one, recruited in 2015, has not it yet and has just got from her employer the authorisation to work only part time in order to take care of her ill mother. Our lowest salary is significantly higher than the legal minimum wages. Fiable.biz spends much energy in training the staff.
At the beginning of 2010, Solongo, a then 8 months old baby with a congenital heart defect, was saved with the active participation of Fiable.biz. You can read her story here,

Henri de Solages, French, former student of the École normale supérieure de Lyon, degree in computer sciences, master in mathematics and applications.
Nyamsuren Battogtokh, Mongolian, student of Margad University